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Onsted Community Schools bus fleet consists of 21 buses with 14 AM/PM district bus runs and one special needs bus run. The Onsted Community School District encompasses parts of seven townships. Annually the transportation department transports over 1,100 students (kindergarten through twelfth grade) each day. The district maintains its own bus fleet and the entire fleet is inspected annually by the Michigan State Police. All bus drivers are state certified and update their licenses with continuing ed classes. Drivers are also required to have an annual physical.


Please call the transportation department for information as it relates to your student(s) bus number and approximate pickup and drop off times for the 2016-2017 school year. Students graduate, move in and out of the school district and all this may reflect on a bus route and time changes. You may contact the transportation department (517) 467-7761 and we will be happy to look up your student(s) bus information as it relates to their home address and the current school year. It is your responsibility to contact the transportation department and give updated information for the upcoming school year (i.e., ride to day care, etc.), we do not assume that information and it does not carry over to the upcoming year – you will need to notify us so your student(s) transportation information is correct.
Regarding elementary students who ride the bus – parents please remember to send a note with any bus change information throughout the school year to your student(s) teacher and also call the transportation department as well, so that the change for the day can be noted with the teacher putting the student on the correct bus and the transportation department putting a note in the bus driver’s mailbox. Communication is the key from you the parent to the classroom to the bus driver – so that all students are heading home on the appropriate bus.
With regard to morning AM pick up runs – If your student(s) are waiting at their designated bus stop and the bus is more than 10-15 minutes late, please feel free to contact the bus garage (517) 467-7761 and we should be able to give you information as it relates to your bus stop, whether the bus is running late due to having to call a substitute driver, a change in bus due to a mechanical problem, or whatever the situation may be, we should be able to give you an approximate time for your student(s) AM pickup. If you call the bus garage and no one answers, that means that everyone, including the transportation supervisor is out driving an AM bus run and no one is in the office. At this point, you may want to drive your student(s) to school or make other arrangements for them to ride with someone to school. If you do not have transportation for your student, there will be someone in the transportation office after 7:30 a.m. and they will be able to help you with questions you may have. If your students AM bus run was not able to run at the scheduled time, we will take down names of the students who still need an AM pick up. After the buses come in from their AM runs, we will send another driver out to complete the run for all student who still need a ride on the bus that did not go out on that particular morning. (This will only be done if an AM bus run did not go out and not for missing the bus). We strive to keep the bus runs running smoothly, but there are given days when unexpected delays may occur that are beyond our control. We understand that this may interrupt your morning routine, but would appreciate your understanding and help with regards to getting your student(s) to school safely.
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