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USDA New Meal Pattern Requirements

Dear Onsted Community Schools Families:
The USDA has recently issued new school meal requirements for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program. This means our students will see some changes this school year in the meals served at school.
There are five food groups that make up the meal pattern fruits, vegetables, meat/meat alternate (protein), grains, and milk. Student’s meals must include a selection of three of the five food groups with one being a fruit and / or vegetable selection. A student must select at least ½ cup of fruit or vegetable to be considered a complete meal. If no fruit or vegetable is selected, the student will pay the individual item prices for foods instead of the complete meal price. IN SOME INSTANCES, THE STUDENT WILL HAVE TO PAY MORE THAN THE MEAL PRICE WHEN PURCHASING THOSE INDIVIDUAL MEAL COMPONENTS SUCH AS ALA CARTE ITEMS. Please encourage your student to purchase meals to avoid additional charges.
Increase in Fruit and Vegetables
·  More dark green/orange vegetables will be offered that provide essential vitamins and minerals.
·  Students will now be required to select ½ cup of fruit or vegetable for their meal to be considered a complete meal.
Grain and Meat/Meat Alternate (Proteins)
·  Menus will offer specific amounts of whole grains and proteins that meet the requirements.
·  For some breads and meats students might see smaller size portions.
·  Many of our grains are already whole grain enriched grains.
Reducing Fats
·  We will only serve food products and ingredients that contain zero grams of trans fat per serving.
Lower Sodium
·  We continue to work with food manufacturers to reformulate food products including lower sodium sauces and spreads.
Calorie Ranges
·  New grade groups for menu planning will be aimed at ensuring students receive age-appropriate portions and nutrients.
·  K – 5 (550-650) calories
·  6 – 8 (600-700) calories
·  9 – 12 (750-850) calories
Eat Breakfast at School
Breakfast is available before school in each building’s cafeteria. School breakfast helps students be more alert so they learn more in class. Breakfast is a great way to gain vitamins and nutrients. A family qualifying for free or reduced-priced lunch receives the same benefits at breakfast. Help your child start the day off right with school breakfast.
2016-2017 School Year Full Meal Prices
Free Elementary Breakfast  $1.50 M. S. Breakfast  $1.50 H. S. Breakfast
$2.25 Elementary Lunch  $2.25 M.S. Lunch  $2.50 H.S. Lunch
Families qualifying for free or reduced-priced meals pay $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch.
Onsted Schools is dedicated to providing quality nutritious meals that students will enjoy and choose to eat. We encourage students to try new fruits and vegetables. We hope you like what you see on the menus at school.
Brenda Hubbard
Food Service Director
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